A PRIVATE KYOTO TRAVELOGUE was created to share a hidden aspect of Kyoto, from the very personal point of view of each contributor. With a minimal detailed description about the featured temple, we express our sense of predilection to fill all pages with stunning photography and lyrical essays. Unlike the stereotypical commercial phrases found in common travel magazines, our photographers and writers capture the best vistas and set down their feelings, as their hearts dictate. Then, by simply following their own instincts, our designers work on each page to allow the portfolio to truly shine. We hope that you enjoy this book as a travel narrative of Kyoto, rather than as a generic travel guide. Nothing would please us more than if this travelogue inspires you to also explore and discover the hidden charms of Kyoto.

A PRIVATE KYOTO TRAVELOGUEは、ごく“私的”な目線によって作られた本です。掲載寺院のデータ情報を最小限に抑え、ある意味で作り手のエゴを全ページに掲載しています。観光情報誌に掲載される王道のアピールポイントではなく、写真家の「ここがいい」と感じた構図と、ライターの「こう思った」という散文と、デザイナーの「これが素敵だ」と生まれたレイアウトで構成されています。ガイドブックとしてではなく、個人的な京都の旅行記として眺めてください。もしその中から、新しい京都の魅力を発見していただけたら、これほど嬉しいことはありません。


Photographers / Mitsuyuki Nakajima , Kazuya Sudo (discovery go)  , Miho Sato (discovery go

Writers / Yuji Yonehara  , Shingo Kato (discovery go) , Aiko Yoshii

Art Director / Takahisa Suzuki (Cluch on Cluch)

Designers / Takahisa Suzuki (Cluch on Cluch) , Shinobu Iwaoshi  , Nagisa Shinohara (FIELD)  

Producer / Shingo Kato (discovery go

Translator / Sayako Kidokoro(TRUNK